Catastrophic Loss Management

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The NAS Team approaches work with you to define challenges and issues. Solutions are implemented with deliberate results-driven focus. No other company offers Emergency Response Teams capable of providing high technical level support quickly. With decades of experience, we are able to deliver superior service and solutions for your problems. No matter how big the issue, no matter where, we are able to bring you the rapid help needed.


• Catastrophic Events
• Contamination Removal
• Hail Repair (PDR)
• Overspray Restoration
• Flood Remediation
• QC/Stop Shipments
• Go no Go Inspection Confirmation
• Component Replacement
• Vehicle Re-Configuration
• PCM Re-Flash
• Special Projects

We Work In Your World

Our Team Members are highly skilled and receive continuous training to ensure all areas of SAFETYQUALITY, and PRODUCTIVITY exceed expectations. With real time reporting, technical expertise, and adaptable responses,
NAS ensures there is real value added to your OEM operations. We pride ourselves on our ability to work and adapt in your location. We will travel to you and provide solutions tailored specifically to help YOU thrive.

Case Study

Over a Thanksgiving weekend, we were contacted by a major global OEM to inspect, identify, and implement a process to remove paint overspray from over 800 non-U.S. spec export vehicles destined for New Zealander and Australian customers. The objective was to complete all vehicles prior to the next vessel loading.

Vessel loading intervals were set as once every month. Any lead-time delay would be additional 4-6 weeks to market. These vehicles needed to be ready by next vessel port call at Savannah.
Nationwide Auto Services was on site within 24 hours with our Rapid Response Team, to evaluate all vehicles, determine the source of contamination, and identify the remediation process.
Fallout discovered was marine lacquer overspray from a nearby port contractor. As a result of this finding, a custom solution was created for the OEM. It was immediately advised to the OEM to restore vehicles by implementing written process, including use of NAS specialized cleaning solutions. All wrap guard and wheel film was removed. A daily production goal of 40 units per day was established. Vehicles were cleaned, re-wrapped and wheel film reapplied, re-inspected then staged.
Vehicles were categorized into three groups based on overspray severity – light, moderate, and heavy. Working with the OEM, vehicle repairs were based on first-in, first-out port of entry arrival. Weekly calls were coordinated and meetings with all stakeholders as well as the Georgia Ports Authority, the OEM, port contractors, port processors, and insurance carriers to keep the project on track. NAS managed the entire process for this major Japanese exporter of right-hand drive, new 2wd and 4wd models. Due to our specialty in delivering logistical solutions, the vehicles were delivered to the customer in new-vehicle factory condition without any negative impact on the end user.
This project is unique because of the holiday scramble to save non-U.S. right hand drive vehicles going to New Zealander and Australian distributors, who would have had to wait 6-8 additional weeks for the hottest vehicles, that were sold orders.

Our repair process made the difference and all inventory was shipped on schedule, as planned, without any complaints or OEM embarrassment.

Case Study

A massive hailstorm hit a major OEM factory location, damaging over 3,700 vehicles. Nationwide Auto Services received a call requesting an immediate damage survey. The Hail Management Team was dispatched and onsite within 24 hours. After surveying the damage, a comprehensive repair solution was solidified with the OEM partner that included: staging, wrap guard removal, project timeline, QC and reporting. Progress reports would also be sent to the OEM every 2 hours in order to keep the client informed and caught up with progress.
Nationwide Auto Services devoted our high-level resources to prepare the site and other logistics, performing repairs and the final quality assurance under light tunnels. Also, all VINscans were compiled with narrative reports and the data was transmitted to our home office and the OEM offices. Detailed written processes and job travelers were used to create consistency. The entire process was documented and shown to the client in order to assure we held to their quality driven goals.
We were able to repair 3,700 vehicles in just 15 days. On site were 60 PDR techs, 30 support team members and various levels of management from NAS, all with industry-specific expertise. Thanks to our skilled labor force, the vehicles were released to the OEM only after passing a final quality assurance inspection under custom designed light tunnels.
There is much more to a repair project than simply repairing the vehicles. NAS has the talent, depth and experience to successfully manage such a large claim. We provided a relentless focus on safety, strategy and results.