Nationwide Auto Services, Inc. (NAS) serves a multitude of high-level clients.

Our labor support for the manufacturing industries includes farm equipment manufacturing, suppliers for agriculture equipment manufacturing, automobile factory reworks and painting, and quality confirmations for domestic and foreign automobile OEMs.

Our strength is attention to detail and responding to our customer’s and clients’ project requirements with the right person, at the right time, for the right job. NAS is constantly recruiting talent from around the country to meet the overwhelming demand for skilled labor.

NAS approaches every project need with an open mind to help find solutions. We partner with clients to meet production goals and create opportunities to improve operations. The NAS Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015, ensures quality, customer satisfaction, and continual improvement. All our clients and customers depend on our consistency of personnel and ability to manage remotely, hundreds of team members in multiple locations.

All our stakeholders are important from our travel and lodging staff members to the welder, to the factory supervisor to the customer who buys the vehicle. We understand the entire supply chain beginning with the manufacturing of the unit to delivery to the end user. You can count on NAS for Safety, Quality, Production, and Continual Improvement.

Notable Case Studies

#1: An Important Safety Recall

What happens when a supplier discovers a defect in sold units that are already delivered to end users and dealers? 

The supplier does not have the staff or mobility to fix the issue in a timely fashion. NAS gets the call and works closely with the supplier to replace parts at dealer locations scattered throughout the United States.

This project was monitored by the Department of Transportation and included safety issues for the vehicle and safety issues for the repair techs assigned. Extensive documentation was required for the DOT, the company we were working for, and for our internal quality control checks.

NAS deployed several teams of three trained individuals to sites from Laredo, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. The project took over a year to complete. The supplier was extremely happy with our performance. They know who to call the next time the unexpected happens.