Industry Leading Automotive Solutions Provider

Varied Expertise With Precise Service

As one of the largest OEM Services in the country, Nationwide Auto Services, Inc. provides a varied mix of services. Performed by the extensively trained members or the NAS team, we can customize our systems to most effectively assist you. We pride ourselves as being one of the most experienced servicers around with Vehicle Processing, Technical Support, Damage Recovery and Claim Management as our expertise, but that is far from all we do. We also excel at…

• Serving ports, vehicle processing centers, suppliers and railheads on a permanent or on-going project basis.
• Processing claims involving hail, paint overspray, and other contaminants, over 550,000 to date.
• Lease turn-back vehicle inspections for OEMs.
• Damage surveys and inspections for major insurance carriers.
• Vehicle maintenance programs for OEM.
• Yard management

• Damage estimate surveys
• Used vehicle condition reports
• Port modifications
• Inspections
• Recalls
• Lease turn-back inspections for OEMs
• Overspray and contamination removal
• Hail damage repair (PDR)
• Any special automotive projects needing personnel support.